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Martin Mikkelsen is the founder and CEO of Good Vibrations, where he specialises in helping artists and businesses achieve their artistic and creative goals through creative consulting, content creation and total production solutions in music and audio. He is an alumni from Berklee College of Music with a bachelor in music production and engineering. 

Martin is a highly skilled musician and producer, with an excellent ear for music. He has extensive experience within music and audio production and has worked with many artists and brands like:

The Third Wave, Verse Libre, Adam Strauss, Design Revision, Majestic 12, Festspillene i Bergen, Vill Vill Vest, Victoria TV, Lekk, Vestindien, AURORA, NOEMI, Mathea-Mari, Dan Sundhordvik

and more…

Martin was born and raised in Bergen, Norway, a city engulfed by mountains, and heavy rainfall, which helps fuel a rich and peculiar creative culture. He is deeply passionate about chasing novelty, through experimenting with new creative expressions, building relationships and helping artists and businesses grow through exploration and experimentation.

Outside work Martin enjoys spending time in nature, exploring, traveling, reading and listening to music, and has developed a set of serious cooking skills over the years.

Martin Mikkelsen

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